Thursday, June 26, 2008

A New Vegetable

We recently discovered a new food called "waterblommetjie", which means "water flowers" and is pronounced roughly VAHT-er-BLUM-ik-kee. They grow wild in fresh water on the Cape penninsula. These waterblommetjie fell into a pot of soup shortly after this picture was taken.



Skittles, The Huntress said...

That's a very interesting plant, but yes, I would prefer a bird. Juicy parrots would be wonderful, if you have any of those.


p.s. my pet human says she is Melissa's cousin (Wendy). She heard somehow through the family grapevine that Melissa had a blog, so she looked it up. Nice photos. Blogging is fun!

Kristi Maxwell said...

what does this taste like? (the new vegetable, not the question)

Melandy Koosinger said...

Somebody I talked to compared it to green beans, and I haven't come up with a closer comparison. It tastes like a normal green vegetable, but different from the other normal green vegetables.