Saturday, June 14, 2008

In Good Company

This garden has been a garden since 1652, when employess of the Dutch East India Company planted it to help resupply passing ships. It is still known as the Company's Gardens.

This is the biggest aloe tree we've seen yet.



Sommer said...

the cliffs behind the garden are beautiful! i'd like more history of the dutch east india company, please.

Skittles, The Huntress said...

Your photos are beautiful!

Ashley said...

Have you found an apartment and a bag of rice by now, or are you still just living off of memberships to botanical gardens and gorgeous views?

Melandy Koosinger said...

Thanks for your concern, Ashley. Yes, we have both rice and a home. I just posted a picture of one of the new foods we've tried here, too, lest you all think we're starving.


Melandy Koosinger said...

P.S. Sommer, I'll get on that history assignment soon.


Andy said...

Skittles, I'll work on posting some pictures of exotic, and presumably tasty, birds for you.