Friday, March 13, 2009

Monkey Wars

There was an ongoing battle between people and monkeys at the Augrabies Falls campground, and the monkeys were winning.  I think this was because the monkeys wanted one thing from the people:  food.  The people, meanwhile, wanted a bunch of different things from the monkeys, often all at the same time.  

Some people (like me) wanted to take pictures of the monkeys playing on tents and cars.  

Some people wanted to chase them off.  (In between throwing sticks, these people kept shouting, "Stop pooping on my tent!")

Some people wanted to feed the monkeys.

And a few fools wanted to get them drunk.  (It didn't work.  They spilled all the wine.)

As confusing as human behavior must seem to the monkeys, it's clear that they're willing to put up with us.  They came to visit us for breakfast and dinner, whether we invited them or not. 


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