Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dassie Trail

We took a hike on a trail called the Dassie Trail, a nice little desert stroll with a few challenging moments.  

Our destination was the Moon Rock, which you can see against the horizon on the righthand side of the photo below.

When we came across a safety sign in the middle of nowhere, Andy just happened to disobey it.  (If you can't read the sign, it says, "Potholes may be hidden by plants.  Don't step on the old, dead reeds.")

These klipspringer stood completely still for several minutes as we approached them, and then they bounced away.  These were the first we saw, but not the last.  Their habit of standing watch on top of big rocks made them some of the easiest wildlife to spot in the park.

For the benefit of all the geologists in the family, we snapped some pictures of neat rocks.

And then we climbed the Moon Rock.  From the top, the view stretched pretty much forever.  

On the way back to camp, we had to go wading a bit.  

Incidentally, I got the car stuck on this exact spot a day later.  If Andy hadn't done a Hercules and picked up the back end, we might never have made it home.



AmberCake said...

That second crazy rock has built in natural mirrors? Or you've been stretching your arms out on a rack? Daily? Wild!

Melissa said...

Mirrors, you got it.

tmancus said...

andy's strong like bull!