Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Up Skeleton Gorge

We've hiked around on Table Mountain's slopes many times, and we took the cable car up once.  Recently we finally climbed all the way up on our own two feet.  We went up Skeleton Gorge, which some people say is their favorite route.

The hike started out steep, with a couple of fun spots where we had to climb ladders and scramble up rocks.

At the end of that first leg, we took a quick detour to check out a reservoir.  On the way, we saw a sand dune, which seemed like an odd thing to find on top of a mountain.

After that, we wended our way more slowly upward and then across the table.  On the way, we passed this cool castle-shaped rock.  

At the top, the views were far clearer than they were the time we went up by cable car.  

This rock climber preened a bit when he saw me taking his picture.  Little did he know that I just wanted him to offset the view of Lion's Head, which is the big hill, and Robben Island, which used to be the site of a prison.  Nelson Mandela spent a couple of decades locked up there.


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